Why pay more if you can bait termite your self!
With 4 easy steps you can save up to thousands of ringgit.
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Kotak umpan diy memang effective dan senang dipalai dengan instruction.
Sekarang rumah saya tidak ada masalah anai-anai.

- Emmanual, Sabah

delivery yang memang cepat. senang umpan, rasa bagus mengumpan sendiri. setelah umpan tidak nampak anai anai kat rumah lagi, harap tiada anai-anai buat selama-lamanya.

- Othman jufri, Batu Pahat, Johor

Memang jimat! nasib baik saya tidak guna pest control, saya call tiga pest control, apa ya mereka beritahu saya, semacam saya baca dalam laman web anaianai.com, dan harga memang mahal gila, yang paling murah pun rm1200, nasib baik kawan saya intro saya, hanya rm89 semua anai anai dah mati,
kerana memang tak nampak anai anai sekarang. delivery memang cepat gila, hari ini order esok sampai.

- Mohamed radzi, kuala selangor

Akhirnya tiada lagi masalah anai-anai , sebelum tu cari produk kat kedai hardware, baunya busuk dan susah dipakai, dan 1 hingga 2 bulan anai-anai datang balik. Nasip baik kawan saya beri tahu saya kotak umpan DIY ni, tidak berbau dan senang guna, yang penting sekali harganya berpatutan. Adik saya dah berhenti pest control maintainence selepas saya beritahunya kotak umpan DIY ini, dia bayar rm500 tiap-tiap tahun, sebab takut anai-anai datang balik, sudah tiga tahun dia bayar. saya beritahu dia kalau ada anai-anai call saya dan saya akan tolong dia.sebab saya dah pandai mengumpan dan faham cara hidup anai-anai. satu lagi, hantaran memang cepat.

- Faizal Mahmod, sungai petani, Kedah

Rasa gembira, tiada lagi sakit kepala, senang, bersih, tidak bau, effective dan murah : ). terima kasih kotak umpan diy.

- Noor Hafizah, air putih Kuantan, Pahang

Tidak tahu saya bolem umpan sendiri,anai-anai memang makan umpan itu, sebelum itu rasa susah, produk bagus harga mahal juga, kalau boleh murah lagi, memang bagus.

- Emai Johnson, Sg Maong Tengah, Kuching Sarawak

Rasa bagus bila berjaya mengumpan mereka, is always good to do it my self.
jimat banyak, terima kasih.

- Mohamad ridzuan, bandar kinrara

call my house owner to fix termites problem for so long, but just ask people come and check then no more futher fixing, i think should be the price too high.
end up i cannot tahan, then show my owner this website, then he ask me go a head, now the white ants problem fix. finally i can have a good sleep.
scare to think back the thick tok sound by those white-ant.

- Ben Lim, Bandar Sunway

try it, wont regret.

- Andy Chuang, kota kemuning

effective, resonable price, easy to use and save.

- Shazatul Sheila Yeop Ibrahin, Cheras, kuala lumpur

After discovering that white ants were destroying our floorboards and a number of doorways in our home, we contacted three conventional businesses for advice and quotes on the appropriate treatment.
We were quoted RM2,500 for the sentricon system which led us to inquire further and my friend suggested we try this termites diy box, but we need to do our self, after read the instruction and it sound easy, so we decide to give a try first before spend 2.5k, step by step follow the instruction, wait for 3 week. i feel contented after 3 week, the bait really consume by white ant, and i dun see any white ant inside the box, just like what the intruction told. We have paid less than 35 time the cost of the sentricon system. We would highly recommend termitesdiy box for termite problem,is really effective and cheap price.

- jeff lim, melaka

Terima kasih syarikat anda sebab menjadikan kerja kerja anai anai lebih mudah.

- Feroz Che Yahaya, Shah Alam, Selangor

Hi There
Just to let you know that we are extremely happy with the system we purchased from your company and We are happy in recommending your product

- joanne, ampang, KL

When my wife and I first moved into our house, we thought it prudent to have the property checked for termites. We were shocked to find termites at several sites. so we decide to fix the termites problem, i call up few pest control service and the price is really shock, so we ask and search around, and we found out this anaianai kotak umpan diy and try to fix it our self it is as simple as ABC. after 3 week as what the instruction told, bait is consume and no see any termites, so we should conclude that the colony has been fully disposed of as the instruction explained. I thank you for the wonderful system at very reasonable cost. we can now sleep comfortably with the reassurance that a significant problem has been solved.

- Sarawanakumar, bandar sunway

What a wonderful system and I have been telling all my friends about them.

- teck han, bandar sunway

Terima Kasih Kotak umpan diy- sekarang kami memang relax.

- Izam, Bandar Botanic klang

I cannot speak highly enough of this system. the termite diy baiting systems are cutting-edge and, I believe, this method of termite prevention is far superior to anything else on the market and is the way of the future. I thoroughly recommend this product and feel they are the best choice for termite protection."

- Suhaimi , Sentul KL

Your Termite DIY are definately value for money.

- Kenny, batu 18, Selangor

We have a large home and i see there is 3 part of my house got termites road way so should need 3 box, we have had a strike and have successfully had them treated.

- mohd kasim, Batu Pahat, Johor


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