Why pay more if you can bait termite your self!
With 4 easy steps you can save up to thousands of ringgit.
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photos provided by DIY termite baiting box
Step 1: Found termites in house
Doors frames, window frames, wood floor or skirts floor, ceiling, built-in cabinets, cupboards
are the place that often attacked by termite.

Step 2: Sprinkle & Stick
Once termitesDIY box deliver to your door step in 2 to 3 business day, open bottom of termitesDIY box,
sprinkle the bait inside the box with water (5-6ml) and stick it along termites mud tunnels or roadway.

Step 3: Wait patiently
Do not touch the termitesDIY box for the next 21 days once you stick it up, let the termites eat and share the poisoned bait with nest mates .

Step 4: No more problem
Unstick termitesDIY box after 21 days, you will see many part of the bait been consume,
and you do not see any termites in the box, this mean you have already success eliminating the termite colony.


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